Why take your pet to Goreybrayvet?

We will always do our best to look after your family pet and answer all your questions.
Your cat or dog (Your Pal) may suddenly be sick and need medical attention or even surgery. We will of course look after your pet but it’s always better to get help from professionals that you trust and have an established bond with you and your pet. It is also better for your pet if the medical history is known. We suggest you come and see us once a year for a full health check as well as any vaccinations that are needed.

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What are Health Checks at Goreybrayvet?

We listen to any concerns or questions you might have. Weigh your pet and discuss diet. A full physical examination from head to toe, so eyes, ears, teeth, gums, joints, skin, heart and lungs, an abdominal palpation and lymph nodes. If there are any problems such as plaque on the teeth, itchy skin, lumps or bumps, a heart murmur detected or issues with eyes or ears or anything that might be abnormal we will discuss these with you. We will explain our findings and any actions that would be advisable.

Older animals often have issues that they hide from you but which are treatable if picked up early.  Examples are joint pain, high blood pressure.

Behavioural Problems 

These are not new but have been exacerbated in dogs in particular since the COVID pandemic. 

Think of a person who is not socialized and has mental health issues. Is that a problem that is fixed quickly and easily? Animals are not different with perhaps the useful aspect that they live in the now and are very forgiving. We are happy to help your pet with behavioural issues. Please understand that there are not usually quick fixes but we are here to help. We can book an initial telephone 30-minute consultation to get the right information before booking a surgery visit.

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Older Pet Health Checks

If your cat is older than 12, we measure blood pressure and take a small blood sample to check for common older age conditions which are treatable or better managed with early intervention. Examples are hypertension, hyperthyroidism, early kidney disease, diabetes. Cats can live until they are twenty so it makes sense to get ‘older cats ‘checked. The human life span has increased and so has the cats if looked after when they are the equivalent of a human who is 65.
Dogs do not have all the same problems as cats when they are older. They are less likely to experience high blood pressure or an overactive thyroid. Both cats and dogs often have osteoarthritis or the early stages of joint disease problems. Thankfully there are now fantastic drugs some of which have no side effects which can manage the pain of joint diseases.

Older dogs should be checked for Diabetes or Hyperadrenocorticism if they are drinking more water than usual. There are blood tests for these conditions and both are treatable. If your older bitch was not spayed and is drinking a lot, she may have a serious problem called pyometra. This is treatable with a hysterectomy surgery and intravenous fluids if detected early. Prevention of this serious condition is to spay.

Our message at Goreybrayvet is annual health checks with or without vaccinations is a great insurance for your pet’s health. Detecting problems early gives us more options to sort them out faster and find potential solutions.


Our policy for vaccinations is that they are crucial in puppies and kittens. Because it is the first time vaccinations, they need two sets at the correct interval. If you have just got your pet, try to bring any vaccination cards you might have already been given.

In general adult cats who have been vaccinated as kittens and then had boosters for up to three years of age do not need annual vaccinations unless going in to a cattery. BUT they do need health checks and routine deworming and flea control. We love cats so they are not second-class citizens if they do not need annual vaccinations.

Dogs also need correctly timed vaccinations when they are puppies and young adults. Regardless of age, they need annual protection for Leptospirosis, the disease caused by bacteria in rats’ urine. Rats are everywhere and the disease is very serious causing kidney and liver failure if not diagnosed and treated early. Dogs going to creches, kennels or even highly densely populated walking areas need to be protected from Kennel Cough.

Pet Passports and Rabies

More pets are travelling these days. The rules change quite often so Goreybrayvet’s advice is to stay current with each country’s requirements. We are happy to help you with this. Just don’t leave it to the last minute as most often your pet must have a microchip, a rabies vaccine and a valid passport at least one week before travel and they may need a health certificate. They will also need treatment for a nasty tapeworm called Echinococcus 2-4 days before travel with a veterinary signature on the passport.

New Puppy Counseling Appointments

Our Nurses Karen and Sophie will be happy to give you a little extra time to discuss your new puppy in our comfortable puppy waiting room upstairs. They will help you with training questions, nutrition and diets, and how to best socialize your new family member.

Comfort Clinic

Pain consultations and Acupuncture with Gail Nic Eoghain MVB CGP Cert Small Animal Medicine at Goreybrayvet.
Gail Nic Eoghain is an experienced veterinary surgeon who has a special interest in pain management  veterinary acupuncture for dogs and cats and small furries and is the founder of Comfort Clinic. In the first consultation Gail takes time to understand what your pet’s problems are and to identify the location and source of pain. She uses acupuncture as one of her treatments. See comfortclinic.ie


In Clinic:

Blood Tests for a lot of general health and emergency health are done in less than an hour in our clinic.

Urine tests.

Culture for ringworm, ear cytology.

Blood tests for endocrinology, hematology, genetic testing and other special tests go to UCD by courier from Wexford. Cultures for bacteria are sent to UCD and we get results as soon as the culture grows (5- 14 days)

Histopathology is the examination of whole tissue sections to try and diagnose a lump or potential cancer. It makes a huge difference in knowing what an abnormal swelling or lump is and what treatment options are available. Most of the time histopathologists gets the right answer and really helps. Just as in people sometimes this test is inconclusive (less than 5%) and we have to try again.


We take X-rays in our clinic. They nearly always require sedation or full anesthesia. We can refer interpretation of some X-rays to UCD. This is only for worrying cases where a second specialist opinion would help your pet the best.


We carry out most surgeries for your cats and dogs.
The surgery we refer to a specialist are under these categories. We will always discuss your options and you make the final choice.

Heart and Lung