Use a comfortable cat carrier kennel. Good kennels to buy are ones with a top loader which can be opened or the entire lid can be removed to gently lift the cat out. This is much better than dragging the poor cat out by the scruff through a tight fitting kennel door. If the kennel has been sitting at the back of the shed filled with dirty old papers from the last trip take it out and clean it with warm water (not smelly detergents that offend the cat’s nose). Place a nice cosy blanket that the cat is familiar with into the kennel. If you have had time to do so get a pheromone spray such as Feliway from GoreyBrayVet and puff five squirts of the spray in to the kennel. This helps the cat recognise the kennel as its own mini territory and reduces stress. If the cat has been unwell don’t try tempting it into the carrier with a pile of food. If it is a routine scheduled visit it is often easiest just to quickly, calmly and gently push the cat in through the kennel door or preferably drop the cat gently into the cat carrier top loader opening. This should be done several times during the week preceding the trip so the cat becomes acclimatized to the kennel and does not see it as a threat. They can be let out of the kennel two minutes later and fed their usual meal.

Once the cat is in the kennel /carrier put it in a level spot in the car so that it is secure and does not roll over. Chatting with the cat can help. Even if it is just your calm normal voice and their response is to complain about your driving!

Once you arrive at GoreyBrayVet we suggest you leave the cat in the car for a moment and let reception know that you have arrived.