Gorey Bray Vet Grooming Services


My name is Martha and I’ve been grooming for 20 years. I was based in a busy salon and veterinary clinic in Dublin for many years.
I have experience handling all kinds of dogs, from puppies to the old folks, blind and deaf dogs. I have a real understanding of how to make grooming as comfortable and as stress free as possible for each individual dog.


Having worked with hundreds of dogs over the years I can say that although many dogs may not necessarily enjoy the grooming process, thankfully most of them tolerate it and some just love all the attention.

I have a “do what’s best for the dog” approach to my work because I know if the dog had a choice it wouldn’t want to be standing on a grooming table, being worked on for hours in the name of vanity. Your dog’s comfort and welfare will always come first. I want your dog to leave happy and come back again tail wagging!


Brush out / dead hair removal, ear clean, nail clip, wash and blow dry. Clipped and styled to owners request if possible.

1.5 to 3 Hours
Breed and style depending.


If your dog’s coat is not in the right condition for a requested style, I must opt in the best interest of the dog. For example, if your dog’s coat is very matted they are at a higher risk of injury and stress. For this reason, specific styles may not be possible. All options will be discussed on arrival and I’ll be happy to offer advice on coat care in between grooms.

Most breeds will be catered for but due to the fact that I am the sole groomer, I may not be able to take on giant breeds such as Newfoundlands or heavy coated breeds such as Samoyeds, Rough Collies and Old English Sheepdogs. It will depend on size and what the owner requests. Phone the clinic for further details.


(By Appointment Only)

Monday 9.15am to 4pm

Tuesday 9.15am to 4pm

Wednesday 8.30am to 5pm

Thursday 8.30am to 5pm

Friday 8.30am to 5pm

Saturday 8.30am to 1pm

*Please note, if your dog needs to see the vet for any reason, a separate vet appointment must be made.

*Price varies depending on size and condition.
Jack Russell Short Coat from €25
Bichon from €50
Westie from €50
Cocker from €57
Border Collie from €55
Retriever from €65

*This is vet monitored and ONLY done under special circumstances.

Our Groomer is contactable via Facebook messenger to advise further on prices. The most up to date information can be seen in the pages pinned post.
Alternatively, you can arrange to drop into the clinic with your dog to meet Martha and get a definite price.
To book an appointment, call 053 918 2530

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